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Welcome to my webpage.

You are probably here for one of two reasons - you are either curious (in which case, browse to your heart's content) or you are thinking about seeking services for yourself or a family member. Let me tell you a bit about what I do. I am a licensed psychologist and I provide counseling and testing services to a diverse population. I see children, adolescents, adults, and families in counseling for a number of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma exposure, behavioral and attentional difficulties, as well as other problems that negatively impact a person's ability to live a life that is relatively free of stress and pain. I also conduct psychological and neurodevelopmental evaluations. I have developed an approach to evaluations with children and adolescents that I have termed the "Integrated Neurodevelopmental Assessment System" which investigates general neurodevelopmental status, provides information related to academic performance, assesses for certain disorders (such as Attention - Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders), and problems related to exposure to trauma and prenatal neurotoxins. You can find out more about this area in the Evaluations section of this webpage. I also do evaluations that investigate concerns related to psychological and emotional status and court related disputes. I also consult with schools, other counselors, organizations, and attorneys.

Thanks for visiting,

Raymond McCaffrey, Ph.D.

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